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The ILF System The Orion Take Down
Epic     Orion  
  ILF Riser (basic configuration) $350.00     Orion bolt-down Riser (basic config.) $350.00
  Longbow ILF limbs (basic configuration) $350.00     Longbow limbs (basic configuration) $350.00
  Recurve ILF limbs (basic configuration) $350.00     Recurve limbs (basic configuration) $350.00
Legend - ACS     Orion - ACS  
  4G - Longbow limbs (basic config.) $450.00     4G - Longbow limbs (basic config.) $450.00
  CG - Longbow limbs $600.00     CG - Longbow limbs $600.00
  RC - Recurve limbs $625.00     RC - Recurve limbs $625.00
Upgrades:     Upgrades:  
   Tonkin Bamboo Core (Epic and 4G) $75.00      Tonkin Bamboo Core(Orion and 4G) $75.00
   Clear Glass (non ACS only) $25.00      Clear Glass (non ACS only) $25.00
   Veneers (non ACS only) $50.00      Veneers (non ACS only) $50.00
   Two wood handle swoop (Epic Riser) $50.00      Two wood handle swoop (Orion Riser) $50.00
Misc. Items     1 Piece Bows  
Safari Tuff Rhino case/with Dryad logo $70.00   Oracle or Phoenix Longbow $550.00  
Strings $15.00   Phoenix Lite $275.00
Stringers $15.00 Sprite/Imp $75.00/$90.00
Hats $15.00   Upgrades:  
T-Shirts $15.00      Tonkin Bamboo Core (Oracle and Phoenixes) $75.00
       Clear Glass $25.00
   Veneers $50.00
Standard Woods included in base price -  Brown or Charcoal Actionwood
Tier 1 Premium Woods offered for $35.00 upgrade - Bubinga, Bocote, Shedua, Birdseye Maple, Goncalo Alves, Curly Myrtle, Yew, Osage, Curly Maple, Pau Ferro and additional Actionwood colors
Tier 2 Premium Woods offered for $75.00 upgrade - Marblewood

* Call for pricing on Cocobolo and Phenolic,  Cocobolo is now on the CITES list of endangered wild fauna and flora
Note : All custom bow orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  

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(outside of US additional shipping charges may apply)

 - Bows (includes ILF/ Orion both riser and limbs) - $30.00 each

 Limbs or riser   - $20.00 each