DMT® Diamond Sharpeners are an excellent value because of their durable construction, quality and reputation for providing years of uncompromising service. Unlike conventional oilstones, Japanese waterstones, Arkansas stones and other ceramic sharpeners, DMT® Diamond Whetstones ™ will not break, chip, crack, hollow or groove. Do not be fooled by other diamond sharpeners made in other countries who claim their products are just as good — If you want the best care for your edge, demand DMT®!





DMT® Diamond Whetstones™ are renown for their remarkable sharpening speed. The sharpening speed of DMT® products is a function of the quality of the micronized super abrasive, monocrystalline Diamond.

(a strong, single crystal)

Uniform and precisely sized Monocrystalline Diamond is permanently bonded to nickel on a precision ground plate. Approximately two thirds of each crystal is embedded in the nickel with one third exposed. Because Diamonds are the hardest material known, the working abrasive points (top third of the diamond) will wear very slowly to give a long product life. Extremely pure, DMT® diamond crystals permit a single layer of diamond to perform for years. Competitors claims of multiple layers of diamond only indicate poor quality diamond that quickly wears.


Our competition uses this fragmented compound that breaks apart and wears away easily with use. Sharpeners made with Polycrystalline Diamond will wear out and need replacement.


Your DMT® Diamond Whetstone™ is a precision tool. When used with reasonable care, it will give you many years of faithful service.

1.     Break-in period: Initially your diamond stone will seem especially rough. It will smooth over time with gentle stroking without impacting performance. You need not exert extra pressure - let the diamonds do the work!

2.     Use only light pressure when sharpening. As a rule, 5-10 minutes on a conventional oilstone is equal to about 20 seconds on DMT® Diamond Sharpeners.

3.     Use only water as a lubricant. A lubricant is only necessary to speed the process of clearing swarf (material removed during sharpening) into the recessed dots.

4.     After use, rinse and dry your diamond sharpener. Store dry. When further cleaning is needed, use an abrasive cleaner (non-petroleum base) and a scrub brush. Always store your diamond sharpener clean and dry or the metal fines removed during sharpening will rust if left on the surface.


The DMT® Commitment - For more than 30 years, DMT® has been committed to one thing - to innovate and produce the world's finest diamond knife and tool sharpeners.  All DMT® products are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship and are guaranteed to be free of defects.  Any products found to be defective will be replaced free of charge - it's that simple!