Dryad Bows - Performance Through Innovation
Jason Westvang 
John Havard 
Connie Westvang


Designed as an all around hunting bow the Orion 3 piece bolt-down is great for tree stands and ground blinds.  The newly designed Orion is a fast, smooth, easy to shoot three-piece bolt-down bow offered with longbow, static recurve, ACS longbow and ACS  static recurve limbs (don't know which you would like better buy a set of each for the same riser).

Testing has completed with great results so Mike, Jason and John have now added Johns patented ACS limb design to offer a wide variety of choices for the Orion bolt down bow.

Offering the Orion-ACS LB, and Orion - ACS RC (static recurve) limbs.

Dryad Orion - ACS RC
Orion 3 piece boltdown
ALL NEW!!!!!

Orion redesigned Bocote riser. 

 Orion - ACS RC (static recurve) limbs.
Orion with the Orion - ACS RC limbs
Orion - ACS RC braced
Offered in Medium, Long and XL combined with 13, 15, 17 or 19” risers the Orion can be configured from 56 to 66”. 
Orion - ACS RC unbraced

After nearly 5 years in development by John Havard and a full year with Jason and Mike we finally have the new ACS recurve production ready.  We are offering it in both our new bolt-down Orion risers and ILF.

The limb is an all new design from the ground up. It combines proprietary carbon (called Crazy John’s by the manufacturer) with a hardrock maple core produce a smooth, stable, and extremely fast limb.  Limbs tested at 206 feet per second, 9 gpp @ 28 inches AMO.   

The new redesigned Orion riser shown in cocobolo Orion Riser

The design of the Orion allows the user a wider variety of limb and riser options.  All of our new limbs will perform equally well on any of the Orion risers.

The Orion riser is offered in 13, 15, 17 or 19 inch versions with the choice of low, medium, or high wrist.

ORION Longbow and Recurve Limbs
picture coming The basic Orion longbow and recurve limbs have a hardrock maple core with carbon and black fiberglass. 

Offered in Short (Recurve Only), Medium, Long and XL combined with 13, 15, 17 or 19” risers the Orion can be configured from 54 to 66”.
Orion - ACS RC The Orion - ACS longbow and recurve limbs utilize Johns patented ACS design.  The basic Orion - ACS LB has a hardrock maple core (can be up-graded to bamboo core) with carbon and black glass.  The Orion - ACS RC is a static recurve limb has a hardrock maple core (upgradable to composite or bamboo) carbon and black glass.  Offered in Medium, Long and XL combined with 13, 15, 17” or 19" risers can be configured from 56 to 66”.