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ILF system

Early in 2009, Mike and Jason were introduced to ILF bows and immediately fell in love.  The ability to mix and match risers and limbs from multiple bowyers just made sense.  So with the urging of good friend Rusty Craine to help with a shoulder problem, the boys went to work on a longbow limb.

Taking the Orion limb as a baseline they began development, building and testing limbs.  After nearly six months of working weekends, they were ready to put the longbow limbs on the market.  Like the rest of the products in our line we look to build a high performance, high quality limb at a price that everybody can afford.  The Epic limb does that and more.  The Epic longbow limb as been joined by the Epic Recurve limb and the Epic Riser.

New for 2011 - Introducing the Legend - ACS ILF limbs - Earlier this year John Havard joined us at Dryad Bows.  John, Jason and Mike have joined forces utilizing the patented ACS limb design for ILF application.  They have been working on design and testing of the new Legend - ACS ILF limbs.

  Now offering the Legend-ACS 4G and the Legend-ACS CG.

The Dryad ILF system 
New! EPIC Riser  shown:
Cocobolo 15 in. riser limb angle creates +8lb. limb formula for limbs rated with 25 in. riser.

Recurve Limbs
Long 28 - 32#'s on 19" riser - Tonkin bamboo core with Black Limba veneers and clear glass.

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The NEW Dryad Epic 17", 15", and 13" ILF Wood Risers
EPC ILF Risers - 17", 15" and 13" models
New! EPIC ILF Risers 

The new Epic ILF risers have undergone a few changes this past winter: 
   * 13, 15, and 17 inch versions.
   * choice of grip - high, medium, or low wrist options
   * Limb angle creates a +8 lb. limb formula for limbs rated on
      a 25" riser.

The basic Epic riser is offered in charcoal, brown or a combination of charcoal and brown actionwood. The riser is also offered with a variety of wood combinations.  See our price list  for upgrade pricing.

shown left to right:
17" Brown and Charcoal Actionwood; 17" Osage and Brown Actionwood; 15" Brown and Charcoal Actionwood; 15" Cocobolo and Goncalo Alves with cocobolo grip cap; 13" Charcoal Actionwood and Sedua; 13" Sedua and Charcoal Actionwood.

The  Dryad Epic ILF Longbow Limbs
Dryad Epic - ILF Limbs 
Dryad Epic Limb Profile 
The  Dryad Epic ILF Recurve Limbs 
       Epic ILF Recurve Limbs                                                                                                                
The basic EPIC longbow and recurve limbs have Actionwood and X-weave composite core with black fiberglass. Gold lettering completes the package.  They are also offered with a clear fiberglass, bamboo core and veneer upgrades.